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Archizen Architects Philosophy




Archizen Architects is a professional boutique architectural firm that is known within the industry for its friendly approachable style and quality holistic caredesign solutions. We listen to and work closely with you and see you as important partners in achieving your design.  We will work within your budget and timescale and we are patient at archizen so you get the exact design that you want.  We are fully committed to being eco friendly responsible architects by taking architecture to a new level with our holistic caredesign solutions.

To enable people, buildings and the environment to co-exist harmoniously our holistic architecture looks at the big picture and the complex interactions and relationships that people have with buildings and nature.  While holistic architecture embraces feng shui principles, it also considers the impact a building will have on our environment therefore holistic architecture is essentially an all-encompassing macro eco-balance of aesthetics, budgets, timescales, purpose, personalities and eco sustainable development.

Archizen are experienced and fully qualified Eco Sustainable Architects based in Southern Sydney NSW who are providing an alternative all-encompassing holistic caredesign approach for childcare, healthcare and agedcare projects.  Our services include a proven 6 step Design Process where we will guide you through the easy steps to create an eco friendly space that is not only tailored to your budget but is practical, unique & timeless.  Archizen believes that your caredesign should be enjoyed for years to come while being respectful of our environment.

Archizen Architects architectural design process

Design Process 


Archizen Architects has a proven 6 Step Design Process We use for all caredesigns, which is simple and easy to follow. You won’t find a more straightforward design process and we even encourage you to check out our competitors. You’re involved in the design process as much or as little as you like.  Whether you don’t know where to start or you know exactly what you’re looking for.

You may have some time on your hands and prefer to do the Design Tendering and Contract Administration yourself this way you can save money and engage archizen in the Design Development and Documentation stages and ensure that you are at least receiving a quality design which will reward you for many years. Or you may just simply prefer to leave all the rest to us the choice is yours.  We're flexible and will work to your requirements.

While this Design process is not tailored towards larger scale care developments a lot of the same principals still apply and we invite investors, builders, developers to contact Adrian Zenere directly for a private consultation to discuss your project..

Archizen Architects architectural clients

Our Customers


All of us at Archizen Architects understand that you are important to us and that you are our business, we stay in touch with you to ensure that you are fully satisfied. Even when we have received all payments we don’t forget about you. We appreciate your business and see you not as a client but as our business partners where we achieve your desired results together. 

We understand that the level of service and quality of our work is critical in earning your trust, so we strive to exceed your expectations and professional standards.

Archizen provides architectural caredesign for the Sydney metropolitan area and surrounds however if your project is outside these areas or in another state and you are interested in Holistic CareDesign Architecture we invite you to contact us.

Contact Archizen Architects 848 King Georges Rd Hurstville South 9546 8988
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